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What is the ATX Pass?
Save more than 40% while seeing the best Austin has to offer. The three-day ATX Pass gives you access to 25 tours and activities. Customize your itinerary. Whether taking a bus tour, going on a food or beer tour, visiting a museum, or taking a boat cruise on Lady Bird Lake, the ATX Pass allows you to experience more of Austin while paying less. Make the most of your time in Austin for one low price.

How does it work?
Select your dates and buy the ATX Pass. You will receive a text message with a link to all the activities included in the ATX Pass. The link includes activity descriptions and information about tour and activity hours, location and other key details. Book as many activities as you want during your three-day ATX Pass period, so long as they are not repeat activities or at overlapping times. Book the activities you want, and simply present your booking confirmation text or email, and enjoy your experience.