Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Tour


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We'll talk about your schedule and what you're interested in then create a great outing for your group. 

Getting married is a monumental step for every person out there. It’s a day you won’t forget, from the “I do’s” to the dance floor and everything in between. As great as the wedding day will be, there is one pre-wedding event that every groom and bride can’t miss out on—the infamous bachelor or bachelorette party. If you’re looking for a creative way to stay active, soak in some sun, see Austin in a way you have never before, and have one last bonding moment with your best friends before the big day, you’re at the right place. Welcome to where you can schedule your party on two wheels and have a ride of a lifetime before donning your tailored tuxedo or white dress.

There is no way you can visit all these places in Austin without filling up your stomach with food from the best local restaurants. You won’t regret trying out Kerbey Lane Café (Many customers highly recommend checking out the pancake special of the day!) or any food truck trailer parks if you’re looking for more of a quick but delicious meal. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the alcohol! There is no way we’ll let you leave our bike tour without visiting a brewery. Luckily, Austin had no shortage of specialty alcohol. Our personal favorite place is Hops & Grain. The tap room is open 7 days a week from 10AM to 10PM. You and your best friends will get to enjoy some quality beers, and the best part? No one has to be a designated driver!

There is no better way to get ready for the next milestone in your life than to have a biking adventure with your friends. You will get to ride side by side with all of your friends, enjoying the last moments you will have with them before you're officially a newlywed. This tour is all about creating unforgettable memories with your friends by finding a creative way to ride your way into the next chapter of your life.

Book by calling us at 512-277-0609. We'll talk about your schedule and what you're interested in then create a great outing for your group.