10 Must See Spots in Austin on Bike

Tired of having your face in a textbook all day or constantly staring at a computer screen in a cubicle? Or maybe you’re just tired of binge watching Netflix for three days straight? New adventures are always the cure to stop you from going stir crazy and help breathe some fresh air back into your long, bland days!

Biking is the way to go when it comes to experiencing a great adventure. And the best part? You can go at your own pace. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or Lance Armstrong, you will be able to see and experience all the amazing locations that Austin has to offer. So hop on a bike, and check out these ten must see spots in Austin!


10. Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

Walnut Creek Park boasts an incredible system of hiking and biking trials along with a family-friendly playground and pool. It is every mountain biker’s dream with it’s challenging terrain and winding paths! 

9. Southern Walnut Creek Trail

In contrast to Walnut Creek Park, Southern Walnut Creek Bike Trail is perfect for those who want a smooth and easy ride without sacrificing the incredible views. If you prefer to bike at your own speed and to avoid challenging terrain at all costs unlike those dare devils at Walnut Creek Park, this is the place for you!

8. Congress Avenue Bridge

At first view the Congress Street Bridge may look like any typical bridge, but it is actually home to the largest urban bat population in the world. Yes, you read that right–bats. If you swing by around 7:00 to 7:45 PM, you will be able to see these bats take flight right before your very eyes!

7. University of Texas at Austin Tower

This is one of the most recognizable and iconic symbols of both the University of Texas and the city of Austin. Designed by Paul Philippe Cret and completed in 1937, it is located in the heart of campus. Many University of Texas students have described it as their “north star”!

6. Capitol Building

As the capital of the state of Texas, Austin is the center of policy making. And where does all this policy making happen? Right here at the sixth tallest state capitol building in the nation (everything has to be bigger in Texas, right?). The capitol building is located right across from the University of Texas tower, so why not knock out two birds with one stone and check out both awesome landmarks?

5. The Picnic – Food Truck Park

If you’re a proud supporter of local businesses or just simply love good food, this is the place for you! The Picnic has developed an atmosphere where locally owned food trucks can flourish. This is also not any rundown food truck park. The Picnic features paved parking spots and air conditioned bathrooms for all you germ-sensitive people out there!

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4. Hope Outdoor Art Gallery

What’s Austin without awesome graffiti? Stop by the Hope Outdoor Art Gallery, a community paint park managed by the HOPE Events, to see where graffiti is translated into art. The Hope Outdoor Art Gallery encourages muralists, street artists, and even the average Joe like you and me to display individualized art. Don’t pass up on the opportunity to leave your mark!

3. Barton Springs

Referred to as a “hidden treasure” by visitors, Barton Springs is a more than just an outdoor swimming area. It is filled entirely by water from Main Barton Spring, the fourth largest spring in Texas. Located in Zilker Park, it is a beautiful spot that is perfect for families and groups of friends. And the best part? Barton Springs has a year round temperature of 68-70°F!

2. 360 Loop

The 360 loop offer cyclists some of the most breathtaking and iconic views of urban Austin. The highway has scenic stops where you can stop to rest, enjoy the view, and of course–take pictures! Many visitors place a large emphasis on picture taking because the 360 bridge is also known for it's breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. If you cruise through at the right moment, you might just be able to catch this picturesque moment!

1. Boardwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake

The Boardwalk Trail started as a 20-year long project that finally opened to the public in 2014. It is ideal for any bikers–new or experienced! All bikers are welcome to cruise by and enjoy the river that is accompanied by a spectacular view of the Austin skyline. The Boardwalk Trail is smooth and paved, accommodating to all bikers, and will keep the Austin skyline within your view as you enjoy biking at your own pace!