7 Types of Cyclists You’d Love to Ride With

Although it’s not the biggest city in Texas, Austin is the capital! So, you can expect plenty of things to do whatever your interests. Art and culture, vibrant food, drink, and nightlife scenes, and some beautiful inner-city greenspaces. It may be a big city, but it still retains a small town feel and the perfect way to get to know Austin is on a bike. When having your vacation here for adventure, one thing to consider is a place to stay. Worry not as there are lots vacation rentals in south Austin where you can relax and chill after your ride with friends or family.

At Austin Bike Tours and Rentals, we think there’s no better way to see the capital of the Lone Star State. It can be fun doing it alone, but nothing beats exploring town with a companion! So, we’ve come up with 7 of the best cyclists you’d love to ride with – no matter where you are!


The Fixer

No matter if you’re a beginner rider or you’ve been cycling since childhood, it’s not always a given that you’ll know how to fix a puncture, change a tyre, or put the chain back on your bike. Especially if you’re on an unfamiliar cycle! Luckily, on a guided tour through Austin, you’ll be riding with a pro guide who has all the tools on their bike to come to your aid, should any unexpected or inconvenient event take place! They might even teach you exactly what to do so you don’t need help the next time. Riding with a fixer means you spend more time on your bike enjoying the day out, instead of sitting at the side of the road wondering what to do next!


The Regional Expert

While we’re on the subject of experts at fixing bikes, you’ll want to be with someone who knows their way around. Of course, it’s cheaper to just rent a bike and head out for the day. But if you don’t know a city, you won’t know the best places to check out. Although, if you’re really savvy, you can put together an itinerary on a map. Perfect, right? Well no, actually. Maps are great for winding your way around, and if you’re in a car you won’t have any problems. However, if you’re not an experienced rider, you definitely won’t want to be faced with a huge hill that will sap all your energy when you pedal up it.

Thankfully, all of the guides at Austin Bike Tours and Rentals fit into the regional expert category and they’ll make your trip as smooth and comfortable as possible!


The Foodie

In a city like Austin, having a foodie cycling companion is indispensable. The city is packed with gourmet restaurants, food trucks, and quirky cafes, hidden away in every corner of the city. If you’re cycling with a foodie, they’ll be able to sniff out the top restaurants. All you have to do is keep up! The great thing about a food-based cycling tour is that there’ll be plenty of stops, and it’s one of the most relaxing days out you can have. Oh, and you get to stuff yourself with some tasty dishes!


The Motivator

This is an important one, especially if you’re a beginner cyclist. Inexperienced riders are likely to get tired out and demotivated as well. Luckily, you’ll have a companion that will keep your spirits up. There could be a number of ways that they’ll do it. Maybe they’ll encourage you with kind words and a smile. Maybe they’ll keep to the same pace as you ride. However they do it, you’ll appreciate their support on your trip!


The Considerate One

As much as we might hate to admit it, sometimes cyclists are pretty bad at following the rules of the road. And it’s not just laws, things that are common courtesy pass some cyclists back. Not the considerate cyclist though! If they want to get past you, or get around an obstacle on the road, they’ll give a polite cough, or a ring of their bell to let you know to expect them. They might even tell you which side they’re coming past on! Also, they’ll have checked out their surroundings first to make out that any manoeuvre they make is safe. The considerate one is especially good to have around if you’re not a regular and confident cyclist, as they’ll keep you chilled and calm!


The Relaxer

In a similar bracket to the considerate cyclist, you’ll find the Relaxer. They’re the chilled and calm that you want to be, and nothing phases them when they’re cycling. Yes, they may fall off their bike, they might get cut up by a fellow cyclist, or a pedestrian might step out unexpectedly. They deal with it with a smile and don’t take things personally and let them get to them. Also, if you get lost or anything, they’ll come up with solutions rather than problems. You can always be safe in the knowledge that everything will be fine with a relaxer!


The Safe One

The safe rider knows all the rules of the road, they’ve got all the gear, and they’ll help you to get yourself sorted as well. When we say gear, obviously we mean helmet. However, if you’re riding at night there’s a whole load of stuff you’ll need. And usually they’ll happily check your bike to make sure it’s got all the safety features! Don’t forget to have lights, reflectors, and high visibility clothing so that you’re keeping yourself out of danger.


Which one are you?

 Maybe you know exactly which type of cyclist you are. Perhaps you fit into 3 or 4 categories, or maybe none at all! Don’t worry if that’s the case, we’ll find a space for you in our next list! If our ideas have got you excited for the types of cyclists you might meet on a bike tour around Austin, then check out the Austin Bike Tours and Rentals website. There are curated tours which will help you see Austin’s art and architecture, food scene, and iconic landmarks, just to name a few. We can’t wait to welcome you!