Build Your Own City Bike Tour

While guided tours can be really great, sometimes a do-it-yourself version is just as great. Whether you’re looking to make it work during a certain time frame, or you have a unique group and are trying to accommodate several different needs, there are plenty of reasons to rent some bikes and create your own tour. Whether you’re new to Austin or a life-long “weirdo” here are a few ways to customize your own tour.

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Food Truck Tour

My personal favorite DIY tour involves lots and lots of food, which there is no shortage of around Austin. Pick a few of your favorites or branch out and try something new. The beauty of the Austin food scene is there is something for everyone and this is a tour you can really get creative with.

Depending on how many stops you plan on making, you may want to consider your travel time back home or consider a circular tour. No one likes riding for long with a full food belly so plan accordingly.

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Scenic Tour

A scenic tour is a great way to get to know the city and see it from a new point of view. The good thing about creating your own tour is that you can decide on the level of difficulty best for your group, whether it be a casual ride around Lady Bird Lake, or a more challenging trail ride at Barton Creek. While many streets in Austin have dedicated bike lanes, not all do so be sure to take the proper safety precautions while riding through the city.

Art Tour

Looking for some Instagram-worthy spots for your tour? Austin has your back! The city streets are lined with plenty of iconic murals and street art that is, at times, bold, bright and a little bit weird. A quick online search will bring up some of the more famous pieces like Congress Street’s “I love You So Much” and the “You’re My Butter Half” wall on MLK JR Blvd. but  a ride around town will bring you plenty of lesser known exhibits as well. By creating your own tour on bikes, you don’t have to worry about traffic or parking and can spend as much time you need snapping that perfect photo before riding on to the next spot.