We Suggest: Slake Cafe

slake cafe

Slake: (verb) to Satisfy or Quench one’s Hunger or Thirst

Looking for a good reuben?  Or perhaps you’d like a little curry?  Maybe it’s early, and you want some biscuits and gravy!  What’s that?  You want all of the above?  Well, why didn’t you say so?  We like Slake Café – it’s the perfect spot when you’re indecisive about the kind of food you want, and all you know is you want something good.  Nestled at the bottom of a parking garage on the corner of 7th and Brazos, this hidden gem has been around for just over 2 years, serving up piping hot sandwiches, tacos, and entrees to downtown denizens.  The recently-expanded restaurant also boasts some tasty pastries and cookies, all on display in the case where you order your food.  They also happen to have an expansive selection of drinks, and daily specials on macaroni, curry, entrees, and more.  Every item on their menu is priced under $10, making this a fantastic place to eat on a short budget.

Slake makes everything possible in house, and strives to give back, with charitable donations to local causes and sponsorship of well water projects for Water to Thrive in Ethiopia.  When we last spoke with them, we found out they also donate food to the hostel across the street, to ensure less food waste.

The restaurant is open Monday – Friday, 7a – 10p.  Breakfast is served 7a – 11a, and lunch follows that until 4p.