6 Austin Corporate Team Building Ideas That Are Actually Fun (And Practical)

It may sound silly, but you can't create a cohesive, successful and efficient team without some good ol' fashioned team building.

Go ahead, roll your eyes. But it's true: Participating in events outside of the regular workplace can help employees see their coworkers in a different way, and help build ties that will last both in and out of the workplace. 

If the term "team building" calls to mind silly games and exercises that seem to go nowhere, we're here to dispel that stereotype once and for all--especially if your company is in Austin. In a town this vibrant and creative, it's nigh impossible to not find something fun, productive AND memorable. 

Here are some of our favorite Austin group experiences to inspire you for your next team building event!



1) Austin Food Truck Crawl

Nothing brings a group together like breaking bread. And in this case, your team gets to experience all the variety, flavor and innovation that Austin's robust food truck scene has to offer--all in a day. (In May, The Economist reported that Austin has the second most food trucks per capita in the nation!)

Pick from different food themes, like "Truly Texan," "The Austinite," and "South of the Border." Just don't be surprised if your break room fridge starts bursting at the seams from all those leftovers.

Conclusion: Happy bellies = happy humans. (Pork bellies = even better.)

2) Austin Panic Room

To strengthen your group’s teamwork, communication and deduction skills, there is obviously only one place to go: an escape room. Your team will be locked in a room, and will only have 60 minutes to escape. (Let's be honest: this doesn't sound too far off from some Monday meetings.)

3) Group Bike Tour (With Yours Truly)

Get your group’s heart pumping and endorphins running with a group bike tour! Austinite guides will give you a rare glimpse of the city from a different perspective (and speed). Pick from various tours, including our favorite swimming holes, craft beer and art. You can also design your own custom tour

Still not convinced? Here are six reasons why bike tours are perfect for your next corporate team building event.


4) Stunt Ranch

Stunt Ranch refers to itself as the “World’s Best Corporate Playground.” We're sold. If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to be James Bond, you'll have a chance to find out here. (Also get to watch your colleagues do some pretty incredible things with their bodies.)

Stunt Ranch is full of action-packed activities that will make team building feel like something straight out of a movie. Go ahead: Fulfill your dream of being the next Stallone. 

5) TeamProv

If your team has been stuck in a rut for a while, TeamProv may be just what you need; after all, laughter truly is the best medicine.

TeamProv is a high-energy, laughter-filled team building improv event that will help reiterate soft skills such as focus, proactive listening and being present in the moment. In general, improv is great at teaching you to push outside of your comfort zone and trust that your Improv mates (aka your team) will support you no matter what. 

6) Paint Soles for Souls

Paint Soles for Souls is where team building and giving back to the community meet in a creative and fun way. This workshop lets everyone to tap into their inner artist. Here's how it works: Your team creates their artistic masterpieces on TOMS shoes, which then get donated to a non-profit organization for distribution.

As an added bonus, TOMS also donates a pair of their shoes through their renowned One for One Program. It's truly a win-win. The workshop facilitator also leads team trivia contests, challenges and more for added fun.

Art for a good cause? We're in.